For Email Outreach / Social Media Outreach 1


Hi (name)!

I hope you are well. Quick question – have you ever been interested in hiring a social media virtual assistant at the moment? I would love to help in providing a consistent social media presence for your coaching business.

Here’s a short video about my work background:

Would that warrant a quick zoom? I’d be happy to discuss how you can save time and boost productivity. Have a terrific day!

Warmly, Diana


For Linkedin / FB / IG / Twitter Social Media DMs Outreach 1.1

I’m reaching out to see if you have you been wanting to take social media off your plate or perhaps you have repetitive, time consuming tasks you are wanting to assign. I can handle those for you by delivering quality output and creating custom content tailored to your business. Plus, you can quickly and easily review content, leave feedback, make edits, and approve them before I post anything. I can email you more info! Would you like to hear more?


“No Thanks” Response

No problem at all, (name). Would you mind if I just share with you what I hope you’d get from new and interesting ideas about how to do things differently.


Follow Up Email

Hi (name)!

Happy Monday. I hope that all is well. 

I just wanted to thank you for looking into my application. I remain enthusiastic about working for you. My skills would be an excellent match for the Social Media Manager / Video Editor position your are looking to fill. 

Please contact me if you need additional references or other materials from me. I look forward to discussing this role with you further. 

Thank you for your consideration. 


Social Media Follow Response

Many, many thanks for giving me a follow. My name is Dee and I work as a social media virtual assistant. If you feel the need to save time and boost productivity, please don’t hesitate to assign. I’m happy to assist. ☺️